Event Décor – Bringing it all together

Event Décor – Bringing it all together

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Your Event Décor

There is nothing more disappointing than arriving at an event and then be let down by poor décor.   What gets put on a plate, placed on the table, arranged in the vase and slotted in an empty space, are just as important as the people you invite. Décor has the ability to make or break any event. It is important to plan ahead and keep to the overall image you have in mind. Here are three important tips you can follow when planning for your next event:


Picking colours is one of the most important factors in planning your décor.  This will ultimately set the mood for your event and guests will have a better understanding of what the evening is about. If you are picking a theme, it usually already has a predetermined colour scheme.  When creating your own, it is critical that your colours coincide with the look and feel you are trying to create. You have already failed if people are confused.

Table décor

The most time spent at any event is at the table. It is also where absolutely every little detail counts.  At the end of an event, people will mostly remember what was right in front of them. Paying attention to these details is your way of directly communicating with your quest without saying a word.

It’s in the details

Everything matters.  From the second your guests put their foot in the door, their eyes start wandering.  They will be looking for something spectacular and different.  They will also notice if anything is out of place. Something might not seem all important to you, but for guests, the first impression will be the one that carries them through the event.  If you succeed with the minor details – you will succeed with our event.

We at The O-Company, have an entire warehouse dedicated to event décor. With our wide range of items and years of experience, we can provide you with accurate advice and perfect décor for your upcoming event. Contact us to find out how we can help you bring it all together.

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