Plan ahead and use The O Company for your Year End Function.

How to avoid the BIG stampede of Year End Parties

Plan ahead and use The O Company for your Year End Function.

You’ve been shackled to your desk all year long and for most people this constitutes more than 2000 hours spent working. It is no wonder then that at the end of the year everyone needs a break to let their hair down, have a couple of toots and get to know Susan from over at accounting a bit better. But before you can sit back and relax with that tall glass of Mojito you need to actually PLAN this party!

Now you can do this like the masses or you can be smart, plan ahead and use a professional Events Company.

There are very certain and obvious benefits of using a reputable Events Company

Most people have at some point in their lives been to a themed party gone wrong. For instance there are certain themes that would be best to steer well clear of like the Anything but clothes theme – although you’ll be scoring really high on the creativity front with clothing items like pool floats, flags, beer boxes, bubble wrap and plastic wrap, this could also create some serious problems. Rather save face, leave it to the experts. The O Company has done this before, our team can help you pick a theme that is safe and works well, we have the perfect décor for any theme and the special flair.

You can get extra credit with your employees by using some of the more popular year-end function themes like, Gatsby, Vintage, Cowboy, but there are lots more and our team will find one that will ensure your year-end bash is simply spectacular!

The best way of sourcing that perfect venue is to BOOK EARLY! And of course to get the Experts to do it for you. There are many things to consider when booking a venue for your year-end function and we have the know-how. We make it our priority to get information about the venue that you might miss, e.g. What does the venue allow? What does the venue include? What is the reputation of the venue in terms of providing on their promises, level of service from staff within the entire venue’s facilities, unexpected extra costs, etc.

No venues come cheap anymore and the last thing you want is for your good earned money to be wasted on some cramped venue with mismatched tables and untrained staff or bad service. Some venues promise a dance floor only to find out on the day that the tables have to be moved during the function to create that so called dance floor. The Bar facilities might be on a different floor and everyone has to climb 3 flights of stairs with drink in hand …

If your previous end of year functions got a bit too rowdy and you want to avoid that law suit this year then here are some tips to keep the party jolly but safe

Manage the party and the alcohol: Designate people to be responsible for making sure everyone is behaving appropriately.

Don’t encourage employees to drink too much alcohol, i.e., no “beer-drinking” contests.

Put a limit on the amount of alcohol served.

Advise the bartenders not to serve anyone who appears to have had too much to drink.

Stop serving alcohol at least two hours before the party ends.

Offer free taxi rides for everyone at the function and ensure they all get home safe and hassle free.

We can save you a lot of hassle and headache, money and time by taking care of all your function needs. We do more than just source the ideal venue, we handle the catering, entertainment, décor AND will arrange transport and accommodation for your guests, we cover it ALL!

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