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Create your own Centrepieces for that WOW factor at your next Event

Whether you are planning a Wedding, a Birthday Party, an Office Celebration or just a Dinner Party with friends, if you want to impress you will need something special on your tables. Centrepieces are just that … the centre of attention! Without a beautiful eye-catcher on your tables, they can look pretty dull and mundane. Why not WOW your guests with these creative and clever ideas to create your own!

You can use pretty much anything from Mirrors, Candlesticks, Scarves, Fruit, Twigs and Sticks, Jars, Pitchers, Vases, Baskets, Balloons and Books. The secret lies in how you display these items, how you stack them and use colour combinations and textures together.

Use flowers in unusual ways to add more dimension. Place your flowers in a cage, wrapped with vine leaves, pack sliced fruit in the vase with your flowers. Arrange your flowers on top of a wooden log. Submerge flowers in cylinders and vases, top with a floating candle and arrange on a mirror for more pizzazz.

You can create fabulous Centrepieces using Abstract items. Keep with your theme like the Wedding shoes, bouquet, pearls and perfume we used for a Wedding table; music notes etc. Or go completely abstract with wood or sticks – the magic is in adding that splash of colour!

Centrepieces abstract

An old favourite is Edible Centrepieces. Let your imagination run wild! You can use chocolate, cupcakes, sweets anything that looks yummy.

Centrepieces edible

If you really feel that you need to let those creative juices flow then make your own Craft flowers. The great thing about DIY flowers is that you can create flowers in any colour, pattern or design.

Centrepieces craft flowers

More Centrepieces dressed to impress!


If you don’t feel like all the hassle then get in touch with the professionals to Jazz up your Event and make it unforgettable! Contact Us info@the-o-company.com

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