The O Company – Celebrating our 6th Anniversary

Celebrating 6 Years of Success!

This really is more of a Tribute to you our clients and suppliers and everyone that has supported us over the last 6 years!

Where did it all begin? Firstly our love for people and wine is what inspired us to start The O Company. There is just something about an Event that is well organised – where everyone present is having a great time and no one is running around like a headless chicken trying to sort out last minute details, not even the host or hostess. We loved the idea of a perfect event … and organising it.

Our name The O Company has its origin because this is what we were good at – Organising. We could and still do … organise anything! Hence the name – The Organising Company!

Thinking back the first year was a bit of a blur, our focus was more on wine and promotions at the time and because there was such a big demand for it we were extremely busy. The recession has been hard but we’ve also learned some very valuable lessons. There is more value in building a good relationship with a client than just organising and hosting a great event!

Why do we love what we do? There is something of a rush when a client is happy with a function or event we’ve organised – and the highlight of the day is seeing everyone at the event having a blast!

Our advice to other companies starting out – be passionate, be creative but also be precise in your costing and planning and what you need. Always cater for a bit extra – you inevitably find a corner that still needs a candle and some sprucing up!

Here’s to you, here’s to us … a toast to your support!

The O Company Birthday
Thank you for your Support!

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