Back-to-School Themed Event

It may be many years since you last slinked around the corridors of your old school but never too late to immerse yourself in enormous fun pretending that you’re back at school! Dust off that old school uniform to wear with your half-mast tie, school cap and don’t forget the chewing gum and that cheeky smile. But be careful or the head master might just give you extra detention!

What you can expect at your Back to School Event is food from a bygone era – well not quite but definitely your old favourites like burgers and chips, boerewors rolls, nachos, and an ice-cream station with all you can eat ice-cream and toppings galore. Bring out all the naughty childhood memories at the Photo Booth with all the classic Back-to-school props – Who is the Nerd, the Stoutgat or the Class President?! Plenty of drinks and snacks available at the Tuck Shop if you have enough pocket money!

Dance the night away to your old favourite 60’s/70’s and 80’s tunes while being entertained by the funky Class DJ in the School Disco. Just make sure you don’t miss your curfew or there will be trouble! And when you’re done impressing that special girl in class and feel exhausted from all the bopping and boogying take a rest on a comfy chair or show off your hidden talents at the foosball and pool tables.

However you play it this is an Event you will remember for years to come!

Images from a recent Back-to-School Event we did for Sanlam

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