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8 Types of People you will see at a Year-End Party

1. The Observer

Observers are not too keen to meet other people and usually keep a safe distance. They are sceptical by nature and won’t trust easily. The best way to handle them is to find a common interest to talk about, that should get them to loosen up a bit and have a conversation.

2. The Foodie

For this person the Party is ALL about the FOOD. They will be at the food tables the entire event and dominate the food area never moving more than two feet away from the grub. Best way to deal with them is to join them but beware of the food spray when they talk.

3. The Attachment

These people can certainly boost your ego because they will laugh at your every joke, constantly smiling at you. They can get a bit creepy as they also tend to follow you around not letting go even if you want to go for a bathroom break. The easiest way to get out of their grip is by handing them off to the next unfortunate victim.

Too keen
4. The Charmer

This person’s only goal is to charm people from the opposite sex and they will not stop until they’ve succeeded. They are very good at making you feel special but beware they do this at every event! Then of course you might quite enjoy their charming company.


5. The Wine Guzzler

Wherever there is free booze you will find them. A glass never stays full for long and you better keep an eye on your own glass they’re known to drink whatever is placed in a near radius. They’re usually very good conservationists so you’ll probably really enjoy their company.

6. The Party Animal

Even though the entertainment they provide usually comes at a cost of their own embarrassment, nothing seems to deter them from having a good time. They’re fun to have at any event, unless they get out of hand which sometimes happens! They normally also have a groupie of followers that try and mimic their moves. Just be careful they’re prone to want everyone to drink shots with them.

7. The Wrong Memo

There is always ONE. This person always gets the wrong end of the stick. They either show up late, at the wrong party or wearing inappropriate clothes. Be kind to them they are usually very nice people.

8. The Cool Guy

This person is always too cool. They’re obsessed with themselves and how they look and always have a following. You will almost never find them not busy posing. They probably won’t hear much of what you’re saying and if there is a mirror nearby you will loose them completely as they stare at their own reflection.



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