Putting the fun back into corporate functions

Corporate functions that make use of fun activities or presentation styles are more likely to get the message across. This statement is 100% true! We understand this instinctively, which is why we try to teach kids things in a fun way.
This is not just because the lesson is more likely to be remembered, it is done so that the message is cast in a positive light and is immediately relatable.
The opposite is true, we know this too! Ever looked across the conference room at the sea of glazed expressions while the speaker drones on to endless PowerPoint slides? How much is going in, even subconsciously or even subliminally? One conference attendee fell asleep (head back, mouth open and snoring), his response when awoken was to tap his temple and say “don’t worry, when I’m like this I’m like a sponge – it’s all in there!”
How do you take something serious like a business meeting and have some fun at the same time?

First impressions not only last but they also set the scene

A little flair with the décor, seating, function layout can turn a boring looking meeting into something far more intriguing. If you can visually engage your attendees from the moment that they arrive, the chances are that they will take something home with them (such as your intended message). Applying some well-chosen strokes of colour, accessories, settings and textures will enliven the arrivals and help them to approach the meeting with a more positive frame of mind.

It helps if the speaker and presentation are entertaining

Now it doesn’t have to be a rapid-fire-joke-cracking-session, but some levity will help to keep the attention of the attendees. Remember that an audience doesn’t respond well if they are expected to just sit there to be “talked at”. Find ways to involve the audience and you will keep them engaged during the meeting sessions.

Take frequent breaks

If the meeting goes on too long the attention diminishes.  Refresh the minds (and the throat of the speaker) with refreshment breaks. It is tempting to skim the budget on the catering but a bad cup of coffee or a lousy lunch can shift the mood from positive and receptive to dissatisfied and distracted.

Drop the PowerPoint remote and get creative

Not everything has to be communicated by PowerPoint, get creative and change the delivery of the message. Incorporating Team Building activities into the program may mean that less ground is covered, but more will be learned. And it’s a strong cohesive team that always gets better results.

So before the chairs are lined up again schoolroom style and pointing at the projector’s screen, spend some time to see how a meeting can be made a little bit more extraordinary!

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