Put some fun into a corporate function or social event

No social event and corporate function is complete without the guests having some fun. Without some element of fun, the event wraps up being remembered as mediocre at best. Fun at events is such a sought after element that it has produced an entire niche market of companies that specialise in bringing the fun to your function. Creativity is at the heart of an engaging fun activity but also is the participant’s willingness to fully participate.
Break out of the classic contained one-room-function-with-bar-and-finger-snacks and challenge your guests to have some fun.

Get Involved
Select a worthy cause and muck in to help them out. Print some team t-shirts, roll up your corporate shirt sleeves and volunteer. There are plenty of organisations in need of some extra hands from children to wildlife – you can really choose your passion.
Try one of the following for ways to help out… or just put together a gift parcel and deliver it to the local children in hospital or plant a veggie garden where the ‘proceeds’  are donated to the underprivileged.

Connect 123 | Places To Volunteer by Cape Town magazine

Team Building, Ice Breakers and Activities
It doesn’t have to be under the banner of ‘Team Building’ – just some fun activities that break the ice and get the guests to loosen up. Try line dancing, photo booths, karaoke, cook-offs, whodunit/mystery games, team painting, etc.

Do something cheesy
If you can get people to have some laughs while doing something silly, then the fun will definitely be part of the function.  Face-painting, fancy dress, apple bobbing, pass the balloon (without using hands). They may get groans but the laughs and smile are always quick to follow.

Be a tourist
See the same familiar city from a different perspective – go on a tourist outing and feel like you are on holiday for the day.

Funky décor
If a company outing is not suitable, then have some fun with the venue décor to help create a fun mood for the function.

Need some help? Contact The O Company for some fresh ideas.

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