Impress your guests and reduce the stress of organising your next Event

The most important thing you have to know before you start planning any event is that your event will only be as good as your décor. You will either wow or disappoint right from the point when your guests enter the venue. We’ve been in the events industry long enough to know just what type of décor items to stock to ensure that your event is a success even if you’re new to it! Below are some tips on how to make your event stand out from the rest. Remember the event décor is a major part of the experience.

Create variety of spaces

Be creative with the space you have at the venue. Have different areas where people can gather and mingle, for instance, a bar area, a chill out lounge area, as well as a big focal area or stage. And of course, don’t forget about the smokers (they need a welcoming space too).

Play with colours

Give your attendees something to look at, that will entice their vision but also offer something to hear, do and learn in unexpected ways. You can use large floral displays but flowers come with a price tag, Use other items to add colour like linens, plates, chairs, and of course lighting! Uplighting and spotlights in the right place can totally transform a venue.

Use food in a display

Food is no longer just the means to an end where plates of miscellaneous brown mostly meat items are arranged in some fashion with a couple of little tomatoes for colour on silver platters. Food should be dramatic, creative, colourful and FUN! You can create magnificent displays using food and this will pack a double punch!

We have everything you need to decorate your next event all under one roof in our Décor Warehouse.

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