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Throw the event of the year by setting the scene

The end of the year brings the anticipation of year-end functions as we eagerly check our notifications, emails and social media feeds for event invitations. The competition for the best event is fierce as the guests mentally score each event, and the winner has the prestige of being noted has having organised “The Event of the Year”. It is unfortunate that a great event can only recognised after it has happened, however, the secret lies in the preparations. So set the stage for the event of the year to happen and the rest will follow.
Set the date
Timing is important to ensure that the event does not clash with other important dates or sports events. Ideally, you don’t want to compete with other year-end functions and end up at the mercy of a split decision between which invitation the guest accepts.
Draw up the guest list
Work on the eighty-twenty rule, where you can expect 20% of the invited guests to attend. Single out the ones you really to attend and make sure you give their invitation extra special attention. If you are planning a corporate event drawing up the guest list is pretty straight forward.
Pick a theme
If you want to compete for the event of the year, then you will need to up the ante and get creative.
Plan for the event
Now that you have something to work with, the rest of the details have to be taken care of - catering, the venue, music and the Décor. Don’t skimp on any of these as they are instrumental in setting the stage for a great event to take place. A little Décor flare here and there captures the imagination of the guests and will light up the party.
Send the invitations
Through social media, your invitation can be visually stunning, compelling the guests to take notice. You can track the RSVP’s and allow the guest list to be visible to all invitees, which will add to the hype, especially if the popular ones are on the “I’m going” list.

Décor Warehouse Cape Town

Need some décor items for your event?

At The O Company we have an extensive Décor Warehouse with a wide variety of Décor items that will create the perfect statement for any type of Event.

We also do dry hire and concept design as well as the full spectrum of décor for any event and do mock-ups at the venue of your choice.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our catalogue, Contact us and we’ll quickly source it for you.

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