Wedding and event décor trends for 2017

This is the year for making a bold statement without seeming to be trying too hard. Moving away from set pieces and copying Pinterest boards, weddings and event décor in 2017 are going to find their own uniqueness. The final event wow factor is a combination of all the little touches working together with a flowing elemental synergy.

Tapping into nature

We are increasing moving into an eco-awareness and looking to mother nature for our décor inspiration. Tone down the cut flowers, as simple greenery will bring soft fresh beauty to the event. Think garden parties, tents and gazebos with leafy wreaths, speckled with simple white flowers, woven cane décor and floral or monotone furnishings and cushions.

Modern blended with vintage

Vintage is back but with a twist. Think warehouse or converted industrial steel shed – raw brick walls, tin roofs, but with classic vintage décor softening the hardness and drawing a contrast between old-fashioned opulence and modern day converted living spaces.

Let the event décor shine

Metallic colours make a bold statement bringing an element of fun and brightness to an event. Gold and silver colours make a rich statement and are ideal for weddings and power events. Metallic décor – cushions, throws, cups, vases, tablecloths can be used strategically to bring a flash of colour to the overall event décor.

Peaceful pastels

One the other end of the scale are the neutral tones and minimalist event décor styling. Understating and allowing the décor to seamlessly blend into the background without going unnoticed creates a sophisticated, relaxed feeling to the event.

Décor Warehouse Cape Town

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