Reinvent creative spaces by refreshing the décor

Offices that have creative spaces always seem more fun to work in and are viewed with envy by visiting clients and outsiders. Creative spaces are those small areas that have been carved out the usual hum-drum office environment and turned into something fun or interesting. It just takes a few interesting pieces of furniture and a splash of colour to cut out an area of inspiration. Obviously, some companies have taken it further with seat swings, rest pods, fun themed areas…

Keep your creative space fresh

Creativity is inspired by change and seeing things from a different perspective, so keep updating the décor and theme. The O Company has a décor warehouse at will save you having to buy new funky, stylish or themed décor every time you want to tweak the creative office space.

Inspired by wonder

Just like a good view lifts the spirits and calms the soul, creative office spaces have a positive effect on employees. Just looking up and catching a glimpse of the funky décor and splash of colour lifts the mood. Apart from being great to look at, these areas are designed to allow employees to ‘break away’ from the office to recharge their energy levels and refresh their spirits.

Make a statement to visitors

Creative office spaces are a great way to boldly state that your company is innovative, has a mission and is creative without anyone having to point this out. This subtle message to a visitor, especially that of a prospective client, will have a direct impact on the outcome of the meeting.

Cut your company out from the crowd

Creative office spaces leave a lasting impression on visitors. You don’t need to be a big hitter to look like your company is innovative, creative and cutting edge. Even if you are a small business a creative office space will help your company look like you are up to the challenge.

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