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Bringing a touch of décor finesse into prize-giving events

Planning the styling of the decor for a prize-giving is always a fun task. The guests are guaranteed to arrive excited and proceedings follow a pattern - arrive, social, drinks and snacks and then into the awards ceremony followed by some celebrations. Despite the predictable nature of such an event, your decor should be anything but ordinary.
A good idea is to pair the decor to the primary colours of the event. In the event pictured below the sponsors' main colour was red and the venue itself offered spectacular seafront views from the function area. The challenge was to optimize the venue for social networking, giving the prize-giving area the prime focus. With a few lovely pieces and a splash of colour (red set against white), the prize giving event is given a classy feel while being welcoming. The perfect setting for an award ceremony.


Décor Warehouse

Visit our Décor Warehouse for a wide variety of Décor items that will create the perfect statement for any type of Event. We also do dry hire, concept design and mock-ups at the venue of your choice.

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