Stressless Event Planning

Stressless Event Planning

Stressless Event Planning is not that difficult to achieve, and we (the experts) are happy to give you a few pointers:-

It is that time of the year where everything starts drawing to an end and the celebrations begin. Be it a Christmas party, a graduation celebration or end-of-year office party, somewhere someone already needs to start planning to make sure that their day, or evening, goes off without a hitch.  Here are some tips and ideas to make your event planning a little less stressful.


Find two or three people who you can rely on, has the time to help and is capable of completing specific tasks in a certain time.  The bigger your event, the more people you need.  It does not require a rugby team, but having more hands makes for a lighter work.


Get your team together and start brainstorming about your event.  Share your vision with them and ask their input.  This is also a good time to discuss budget, venue, décor, and vendors.  This meeting should give your team the basic idea of what you are looking for and in what parameters they can function. The more details that you finalize, the sooner you can start.  Don’t be guilty of planning to0 much, and doing too little.


Give each member projects to complete and, although not always possible, try to delegate tasks evenly.  Giving one member too many tasks might create problems when it comes to crunch time.  Set deadlines and make sure they are reached.

Expect the unexpected

No amount of planning ensures a perfect event. Prepare for the unexpected. From the moment you send out your invitations till the moment the last guest leaves your venue after the event, there will be things you have not planned for and will need to be attended to. It is not always possible to plan for such situations, but merely managing them is already a solution.


Start following up with caterers, decorators and other vendors at least a week ahead of time. If something goes wrong, or there was a miscommunication, you will give yourself time to do damage control. You do not want to be blindsided with a problem on the day of the event when there is no time for alternative options.

If you need help in planning your next event then give us a call! We are experts in the field and possess all the knowledge and tools you require to make your event perfect.

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