DIY Christmas Party

DIY Christmas Party to Impress your Guests

DIY Christmas Party that will WOW your friends!

What is more special than inviting friends and family over for great food, cold drinks, and good conversation for Christmas?  Hosting an at home Christmas party can be simple and fuss-free, especially if you start the planning in advance. Here are a few tips that can help you have a hassle-free Christmas party at home that will impress all your guest.

It’s all about the food

The best way to avoid spending an entire day in the kitchen is by delegating dishes to friends and family that will be attending your party. Plan your menu ahead of time and ask the ones closest to you if they are willing to help in preparing some of the dishes at home. This is a good way for you to cut preparation and cooking time in the kitchen and gives you more time to spend with loved ones.

Pick your guests carefully

It might sound a little strange but the last thing you want is an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Choose family and friends who you know get along well with each other or at least have something in common or are easy to talk to.  Avoid inviting people who you know will cause tension and arguments or start unsuitable discussions.

Set the mood

The party atmosphere starts with you! Stay relaxed and be cheerful.  If your guests feel you are not in the mood, then they will quickly become less energetic.  Remember this is a Christmas party – set the stage with decorations like a Christmas tree, lights, stockings and music. For fun and laughs that would contribute to the theme and atmosphere of the evening, you can arrange a Secret Santa exchange between your guests. It is bound to make your evening a more memorable one.  


Last but not least, enjoy your party and don’t take it to serious.  Always remember you are with friends and family who love you and would not notice or mind if some things are not perfect.  Although décor sets the mood, they are first and foremost there to spend time with the special people in their lives.

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