Event Decor your Secret to a Successful Event

Event Decor your Secret to a Successful Event

Event Decor is the Secret to a Successful Event

The most important part of any event is décor.  It can contribute to the success of your evening or it can be your downfall. When it comes to decorating your venue it is worth every minute of planning and every minor detail deserves attention.  If you have failed in conveying your theme through your décor, then your event is a bust.  But fear not, it sounds much worse than it is and bringing your theme to life is not nearly as difficult as it sounds.  It all starts with an idea...

Choose your theme

The first step in your planning process starts with selecting your theme.  Once you have your theme logged the rest of the planning can fall in line and making decisions become easier.

Compile a colour palette

Once you have selected your theme you can start thinking of colours.  A theme doesn’t have to be something you can see or touch but can be an expression of feeling as well.  If it is aimed at something specific, for example, Casino Night, then colours are already present. However, if your theme is something less specific, for example, springtime, then you are spoiled for choice when compiling your colour palette.  It is impossible to use every colour of spring simply because it will be too overwhelming, but choosing some colours that match can still convey your theme perfectly.

Pick relatable décor

Once you have chosen your theme and compiled your colour scheme the next step is working out what kind of décor you are looking for.  Remember – the more elaborate your idea, the more expensive it becomes. This is where your budget starts having an effect.

Don’t be afraid to substitute

If you work on a tight budget then more often then not you will have to sacrifice one idea for another.  The way to manage this is, for example, setting a table, when choosing décor for dining, and request quotes from suppliers.  From here you will be able to decide what to sacrifice or substitute. Using alternative ideas sometimes express themselves better then what you originally planned.

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