Wellness at your next Event

Wellness at your next Event

Event hosts and attendees are always looking for ideas that are innovative, inspiring, fresh and worth the effort. This includes ideas that capture people’s interest and none more fitting than what is trending – in this case, wellness and health.  Living in a health-conscious society provides an opportunity for businesses to host events that incorporate these two factors and is guaranteed to make any event, a memorable one.  

Here are 5 things to consider when adding wellness to your event:

Get with the programme

One of the important things to consider when planning activities for your event, is who is most likely to attend. Knowing the demographics of attendees and identifying their limitations, makes planning and incorporating wellness into your programme an easier task.

Choose your venue

There are a lot of venues that are capable of providing enough space to incorporate indoor activities as well as provide a series of outdoor adventures. Based on attendees’ demographics, you can decide what will be the best service for your wellness event. Finding a suitable location will bring your entire event together.

Include healthy meal options

There are so many variations of healthy diets that it becomes difficult to have a one-lunch-fits-all menu at your event.  Try incorporating categories, like vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free in your menu and if you are unsure of who eats what, obtain the services of a caterer that can provide you with expert advice and help you design a menu that is suitable for all. 

Be active

There are a lot of ways to incorporate wellness into your programme but none better than simply being active.  This includes fitness breaks between sessions and participating in activities offered by your venue like bike riding, hiking, abseiling or rock climbing. For less active attendees, include activities that are easy to complete and doesn’t take a lot of time. 

Wellness tips and tricks

Although the purpose of your event is not wellness and health, you can express why these two components are important to your business, while encouraging others to live more positive.  You can do so by adding a leaflet in your marketing material that gives tips and tricks on living healthy and even by laying down a challenge.

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