Year-end Functions

Year-end Functions that are Simply OUT of the BOX

Year-end Functions that are OUT of the BOX is the only way to go!

Surpassing the halfway mark of 2018 means it is time to start planning your year-end function.  Traditional events are never dull or out of style, but why not try something different this year?  

Here are 5 out of the ordinary ideas you can consider when planning your end of the year event:

Escape the room challenge

One of the most exciting activities that are trending this year, is an “escape the room” adventure.  Based on the popular mobile phone room escapes games, this game comes to life and provides participants with the opportunity to test their logical skill and knowledge.


Karaoke is not usually something you would associate with an end of the year function, but more and more business enterprises are opting for events like these.  A formal year-end function can be very strict and even to employees feel more like a must-attend event, rather than a want-to attend evening.  Such an event permits employees the opportunity to be more relaxed while enjoying the function with co-workers and friends.

Cocktail Parties

Combining formal with the informal, cocktail parties can be an inexpensive way to host a year-end function. You can minimize the cost of food and decor by only supplying snacks and not full meals and by selecting a location with a view. With the money saved, you can spoil employees with gifts or special entertainment. 

Party Bus

Hiring a party bus for a few hours can be very entertaining, exciting and very out of office.  It also provides an opportunity for employees to unwind and is a great way to get co-workers to communicate in a social setting. 

Outdoor activities

There is no rule that says the end of the year functions has to be held in the evening, has to be formal and has to be strict. South Africa is spoilt for choice when it comes to outdoor activities for large and small groups.  Such outdoor activities include paintball, horse riding, bowling etc – anything that promotes healthy positive competition that absolutely everyone can participate in.

If you are looking for something unique contact us today – we will you plan an unforgettable event!

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