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Event Planning Tips to a Kick-ass Event

Planning an event is not as easy as one might think especially these days where everything happens instantly.  Keeping your guests happy requires the same amount of effort as selecting a venue, choosing your décor and creating a menu.

Here are a few tips you can follow for a Kick-ass Event!


The field of entertainment specifically for events have broadened significantly over the years.  Hiring a band has always been the norm, and is still a viable option, but there are many other options to choose from.  Whether it is a stand-up comedian, a flame catcher or even a cocktail master, try adding something unique and memorable. The last thing you want is guest to be bored and this can often be avoided by simply bringing something that will catch their attention.

Let your guests choose

Chicken or beef? Vegetarian meat? Your guests want to be able to choose what they will enjoy most.  Giving your guests the option can be done from the moment you send out our invitation.  By simply adding this to your RSVP information, your guests will be happy with what they chose and more importantly, you will save money!

Introduce your guests to one another

Great conversation makes for a great evening.  Introducing guests to one another is a great way of keeping guests entertained and cost you only a few minutes of your time.  Knowing who will be attending already gives you an advantage and making notes ahead of your event is a good idea when it comes to pairing.

Avoid frustration

The last thing any guest wants is to wait or be irritated.  If you are opting for self-serving stations, be sure to have more then one station so that guests don’t wait in a cue.  The same applies to the bathrooms as well as at a bar.  Putting up multiple stations avoids waiting periods.  The last thing you want is guests arriving at a table where everybody has already eaten and you are the last to be seated.

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