Memorable Event Entertainment

Memorable Event Entertainment

Memorable Event Entertainment

If there are three things people remember about an event it is the company, the food and the entertainment. Entertaining your guests during your function does not have to be an expensive elaborate gesture, but just have to be memorable and leave people feeling good.

Here are a few tips you can follow when choosing entertainment for your next event:

Live entertainment

South Africa boasts with a wide array of singers and performers and can certainly provide A-plus entertainment at any event. Whether opting for a famous musician, a band, a few stand-up comedians or a celebrity impersonator, you can easily find live entertainment that will impress your guests. Choose performers that fit in with your theme and mission and do not divert from the purpose of your event.


Gimmicks are usually something that attracts attention fast and provides plenty of entertainment.  This can range from something like a virtual reality corner to something as simple as a game on the table.  When choosing a gimmick, it is important to plan in such a way that your entertainment does not distract from the purpose of the event or overwhelm the success thereof. The main goal is to make people remember the reason they are attending and not only the entertainment.

Healthy entertainment

A lot of companies are embracing and promoting a healthier lifestyle amongst its employees which includes outdoor living and activities.  Bringing in such entertainment ideas during your event is a good way of reminding your employees that you care about their wellbeing and are serious about healthy living.  Such entertainment ideas can include interactive health food and beverage stations, a live stir-fry station and even something simple like a fresh fruit cocktail station.

Outdoor Entertainment

An event does not have to take place during the evening and can occur over a weekend.  Plan something exciting like hiking, biking or water activities with entertainment pauses along the way.  Keeping in mind that not all your guests might want to participate, plan something additional, like a picnic with relaxing outdoor games and activities.

If you are unsure about what entertainment you would like at your next event, contact us today!

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