Break the Borders with your Year-end Function

Break the Borders with your Year-end Function

2018 is almost at an end and companies are already thinking about new and exciting ways to celebrate the successes of its employees and what they've achieved this year.  If you are looking for something fun to do, but don’t know yet what you are looking for then here are some ideas.

Themed Safari Tours

What is better than exploring the area you live and work in with colleagues whom you are surrounded by every day?  Such trips can be totally random, but themed events are much more fun.  For example, if you are planning a wine and food pairing safari, you can visit estates in and around your area and end your function with a light lunch or early dinner.  Your colleagues will enjoy it and the day will be memorable.

Adventure Sports

You can find a lot of places these days that host Adventure sports for groups.  What fun one can have when going head-to-head with co-workers in a laser tag game, a paintball shootout or even something as easy as a water balloon party?  The possibilities are endless. Depending on your staff, you can do something really risky and adventurous or something light-hearted and new.  

Karaoke Party

Karaoke Parties is one of those activities that permit that bit of silliness that one requires to relieve stress and tension amongst co-workers. It is no longer just something you do in a bar, but provides hours of entertainment and most definitely loosens up those stomach muscles.

Break the city borders

You will be surprised at how many fun outdoor activities you can find once you start crossing the borders of your city, and most often within an hours drive from your place of business.  Be it horse riding, rafting, zip line adventures or something more relaxed and stylish liked visiting a wildlife farm or wine farm. You and your colleagues can completely break away from the city hassle and just enjoy a calm summer’s day with good food and great company.

Not sure about what to do with your year-end function? Contact us today and we will help you organise a memorable event.

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