Successful Events need Preparation

Successful Events need Preparation

Even a seasoned event planner can get lost in the details or find themselves off course from the original concept. This is understandable considering the factors involved in organising a successful event or function. However, as they say in the military – “no plan ever survives first contact” – it is important to remain flexible while keeping the end in mind.
Before you rush off and commit to a venue, procure the décor, source the suppliers and caterers, take some time in the preparations to build a solid foundation for the upcoming event.

Brainstorm the event

A successful event generally requires more than one person to pull it all off. Select your team and brainstorm the event from beginning to end. Be open to input and assign roles for the team.

Put your plan in writing

Outline the event plan and make sure the team all have a copy. A good idea is to have the plan accessible to the team so they can update their progress and you can track the progress. Dropbox and Evernote are great tools for sharing ideas and allowing input from the team members. Alternatively there are a multitude of event planning apps available on Google Play.

Draw up a Checklist

Putting together an ordered checklist will make sure that nothing is forgotten in the build up to the event.

Setup a timeline

There is an order to putting together an event that will become apparent once the checklist has been put in place. An event timeline will help to keep to the deadlines and ensure everything gets done at the proper time.

Save some time for a dry run

When everything has been hammered out, it is a good idea to pre-test your event plan. This will make sure everything runs smoothly on the day.
To help with selecting the right event décor, The O Company is available to assist with dry hire and concept design as well as the full spectrum of décor for any event and do mock-ups at the venue of your choice.

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