Planning your Next Event

Planning your Next Event

Good Planning sets your Event up for Success

The venue you select for your Event will greatly influence your choices for the rest of your function's requirements. The seemingly perfect venue may turn out to be unsuitable if it doesn't meet the correct preconditions. It is important to match the venue as closely as possible to the type of event that you are planning to host.

Location and setting

Factors to consider when looking at the location of your venue would be the needs of the attendees – driving distances, parking facilities and accessibility for any guests with limited mobility. Is the venue easy or straight forward to get to or will it require maps and directions? Is there sufficient signage for the venue en-route from all approaching roads?

Placement of the function on the premises

The layout of the function at the venue needs to be evaluated for ease of pedestrian traffic flow, suitable gathering points and optimal separation from the other public access facilities that may cause distraction (like the hotel pool, or restaurant), or other functions scheduled to take place on the same day.

Venue size and layout

The size of the venue and the use of furniture and décor will affect the overall impression of the function. Too big and not enough people and interest to fill the space and the attendees will feel like they are in an empty warehouse. Too cramped and the attendees will become claustrophobic and seek open space away from the venue.

Venue fixtures, fittings and amenities

Consider the in-house facilities and essentials that are available for the attendees, service providers and suppliers. What is supplied by the venue and what needs to be outsourced to meet your event's requirements?

Venue’s terms and conditions

Read the fine print so there are no surprises or missed costs and make sure that the venue’s cancellation policy is known to you.

Let us help you. The O Company has vast experience and good relationships with a huge selection of venues around Cape Town and surrounds, and the know-how to pick the best venue for your Event.

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