Year-end Functions

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Year-end Functions Why you need to Book Early

Just like that, we find ourselves in July. The summer holidays are just around the corner.  If you are looking to impress with a year-end function, here are some tips to help you collect your thoughts:

Start planning ahead

Planning ahead is the first step to organizing your year-end function.  Determine what your theme is. How many guests are you expecting? What is your budget? What other resources do you need? Avoid unnecessary stress. Establish the basics of your function early on. This is a definite way to ensure that as little as possible can go wrong.

Secure a venue early

You are not the only one who will be looking to impress with an exceptional venue.  Therefore, securing a venue as soon as possible will help you avoid the endless phone calls you will make if you leave it too late.  Also, when securing a venue find out what extra services they offer.  Some do offer catering and décor. If so, find out what their abilities are and if what they offer is in line with what you have in mind.

Additional services

Depending on the size of your function you will most likely need to make use of additional services if your venue does not offer it.  These services can be anything from caterers or florist to decorators. Communicating with a company who can provide services on the day of is extremely important.  Be very clear and concise in what your requirements are, when you expect them, and how much you expect. The closer you get to the event, the more you need to follow up.  Don’t leave it till the last minute to confirm what arrangements have been made.




Save the date

The sooner you let people know when your function will take place, the more opportunity you give your guests to plan ahead.  Don’t be caught with a low attendance because you left it till the last minute.

The O Company is extremely efficient and has years of experience combined in all of the above, even more. Our list of satisfied customers can attest to that.  To ensure that your year-end function is a cut above the rest, contact us today!

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