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Do you want to have a Successful Event? Tips to Create an Event that Rocks

The year has been hectic and with only a few working months left, you're looking forward to taking some time out to chill. But before you get some well deserved time off, everyone needs to celebrate another year with a few year-end parties that will kick the summer fun off with a bang!

Planning a party, function, gala dinner or awards ceremony is not for the faint-hearted and to get you on the right track here are a few points to keep in mind for making sure your event rocks!

Visualise your Event

Before you dive into the guest list and venue sourcing, take some time to get a good feel for what you want for your event. Once you have a firm grasp of the event then you can begin.

Get the best Team

Even a small event can be a tough challenge to put together and manage solo. Get a team. The best team you can and the rest of the organising will click into place. If you are looking for a good team in Cape Town to work with why not contact us!

Decide on your Budget

Be realistic when deciding on a budget. What size event are you planning and how many guests will you invite? Will you hire entertainment or provide music yourself? What food will you offer your guests, is this something you can do in the form of snacks, or will you need caterers? What kind of venue do you have in mind? These are all questions you need to ask yourself when deciding on a budget.

Pick a Theme

What is the occasion of your event? Collect images for inspiration and create an idea board. Decide whether you want your guests to wear costumes. Will you have activities that incorporate the theme? What are the popular themes at the moment? Design your invitations with the theme in mind. Do you need to hire décor? Transport? Sound Equipment? This is where your Event Management Team comes in handy to make sure everything is perfect on the day.

Date and Time

Depending on the size of your event, if you are planning a large event then invitations will have to go out at least a couple of months in advance. Check that your event doesn’t conflict with other big events. If you are planning an outside event then also make sure it is not in the height of the rainy season.

Scouting Venues

When scouting for venues take photos, this will make it easier to remember when it comes to decision time! When planning a large event remember to also check for available accommodation, transportation and equipment. Picture the layout, is there enough floor space, shelter, parking, food service, restrooms, etc. Follow us on Facebook for regular updates on venues, entertainment, catering options and lots more.

Event Layout

Visualise your whole event and sketch out all the detail from table settings to entrance area, where food and drinks will be served and eaten, parking, etc. Determine how much time you will need for setup and clearing afterwards.

Using Vendors

Do you need transportation for the guests? Will you hire a company to do the entertainment or Decor? Are you using caterers to provide the food and service on the day? Make sure you research your vendors well and know if they are reliable. Your well planned event can quickly turn into a disaster if vendors let you down.

Food, Snacks and Drinks

When deciding on your party menu make sure you cater to your guests and offer a variety of choices. If you are doing the catering yourself then a great idea is to have a pre-made snack mix, it should be flavourful and offer a variety of tastes and textures. Most snack mixes can be made well in advance. For a large crowd you should consider hiring a bartender. For a smaller get-together, make a couple of cocktails in a pitcher, together with beer and wine that can be self-served.

Thank you for the Music

Create your playlist. Music is important for setting the mood, so make a party mix. If you’ve included kids in the invitations then you will have to keep them entertained. Consider hiring a babysitter so the adults can let their hair down a bit. Games are always fun icebreakers.

Guestlist and Invitations

Start with your guest list well in advance of your party so that you have plenty of time to fine-tune it. Things to bear in mind when compiling a guest list is age, interests, whether people like to dance, chill, talk, etc. For smaller events you need to send your invitations at least two weeks ahead of time, more if your event falls over a holiday.

Don’t forget to capture your memories on film!

Remember: Always be prepared for something to go wrong. Do as much as you can in advance. Then relax, mingle and have a good time!

Don't go solo when trying to put together an event

Get the best Event Management Team in Cape Town

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  1. James
    21 May 2013

    Thanks for the tips! Planning your own event can be fun but can also go wrong very fast if you don’t have you wits about you!

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