Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the Décor

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the Décor

'Tis the season to be jolly and nothing says Christmas Holiday better than the Décor you put up in and around your home or office. Long gone are the days where we put up pine cones and, being South African, we do not celebrate the traditional white snowy Christmas as much as other countries but we welcome the sunny days and beach-like atmosphere.

In the Spirit of Christmas we thought to bring you a few decorating tips you can implement when dusting off the boxes filled with Christmas goodies.

It starts with the Tree

Nothing says Merry Christmas better than the tree found in your living room or office reception. Whether living along the coast, in the Country or among the Bright Lights of city life, you can forage through your area for special materials like driftwood, shrubs or wire, and make your own tree from scratch.

Décor Items

The most common decorative items we find in homes and offices are string lights, candy canes, Christmas globes, stars, gift socks and Christmas hats. You can purchase these at stores, but if you are looking for something special and unique, why not try adding your personal touch. The more creative you get, the better your décor will look.

Less is More

Christmas time is a colourfull season, but by adding too much color to your décor it becomes cluttered and overbearing. It is recommended that you choose 4 colours and decorate within those parameters and remember, stripes will never go out of style!

Wrap them Right

You may not typically think it, but the way you wrap your presents add to the décor of your home or office. When wrapping presents think of the colours you are already using and incorporate those to compliment your current look.

Table Décor

If you are lucky enough to have friends and family over for Christmas lunch or dinner then you want you table décor to reflect your overall decorations. Keep the table modest and simple, especially if your home is already representing the season you love.

No idea how to decorate your home or office this Christmas? Give us a call today or pay us a visit! With a large array of Christmas décor available, we are sure to provide you with whatever you need.

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