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The rules of engagement for a successful event

There are many tried and expected rules for engaging with others at an event, like making good eye contact, keeping polite conversation, and not gobbling all the snacks or getting sloppy drunk. All of which helps the social interaction and ultimately the event goes on to be considered as a success.

A Timely Arrival

As the organiser, make sure that the guests know what time they are expected to arrive and be there to greet them as they arrive.

As a guest, don't arrive late or too early. Being late makes you appear rude or unprepared. Being too early places a burden on the organiser as they feel obligated to attend you and their pre-event duties are neglected.

Observe the Event Requirements

Some events require that the guests observe a few requirements. As a guest know what these are and the registration and event will go smoothly. Wear the nametag supplied, bring business cards, pens and notebooks (electronic or old school), observe the dress code.

For weddings, the bride and groom may want you to wear a Kippah or traditional item of clothing. If this is going to be an issue it is best to resolve this before the event.

Stick to the Commitment

For guests, if you have R.S.V.P'd you have to follow through with your commitment and attend the event. By failing to honour your reservation you leave the event organisers in the lurch and they may have to pick up the tab. For example an organised talk with food/drinks supplied by the venue.

For Organisers, hold guests to their commitment and send an invoice for any costs incurred as a result of the guest not attending as promised. You may not get payed all the time, but the guest in question will be less likely to let you down next time.

Use Technology Unoffensively

It is acceptable to take a tablet, laptop or even a phone into an event to take notes. But don't check emails, play games or wander off to see if there is anything interesting on Facebook. Keep your paparazzi tendencies to yourself and resist the urge to snap indulgent selfies.

Use Peoples Names

For organisers, greeting someone by their name immediately make the guests feel important, expected and comfortable when arriving.

As a guest, using someone name will help you to connect with the person you are talking to and they will have a higher opinion of you after your conversation.

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