Event Décor – Styling your Event

Event Décor – Styling your Event

From table lamps to hanging chandeliers, these beautiful accessories can be layered in with our larger furniture pieces to set the mood for your next Event.

Great content, delicious food, and impactful design can dazzle your attendees. What gets put on a plate, placed on the table, arranged in the vase and slotted in an empty space, are just as important as the people you invite. Décor has the ability to make or break any event. With a bit of planning, your event will be the talk of the town. Learn how you can elevate your next Event with these simple décor principles.

Give them a show stopper

Everything matters. Provide a show-stopping entrance. Use décor to break the ice and set the scene for a fun and unique experience. Give them something spectacular and different. We have learned that first impressions are the most lasting and you will have your guests attention all night long if you dazzle them at the entrance! Give your guests high-end entertainment as they arrive and help them relax by surrounding them with luxury style décor.

Unexpected lighting

Lighting can literally light up a room as well as the faces of your attendees. It creates ambiance, enhances a theme or create a mood in any space. If the lighting is done in an unexpected way it will elicit fantastically dramatic reactions from your guests. Lighting that is used with colours can fill a room and create a magnificent contrast with your colour and transform any drab venue into a magical fairytale. When you add mirrors or crystals it will magnify the effect even more.

Dazzle décor

Capture people’s attention and get them involved in what is going on around them. Create different chill-out areas with comfortable couches to mingle and relax. Chill out areas at parties provide the perfect place for guests to take a break from the dance floor, relax, chat and enjoy the setting. But pay attention to the details around them, ornaments can provide great talking points and entertain your guests while they are taking a break.

We have an entire warehouse dedicated to event décor, and many crowd pleasing décor items to rent, regardless of your event type. With our wide range of items and years of experience, we can provide you with accurate advice and perfect décor for your upcoming event. Contact us to find out how we can help you bring it all together.

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