The-O-Company has been a trusted events management company for more than 10 years. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have seen the growing need for enhancing the safety of critical environments to minimise the effects of this pandemic. Due to the high demand, we have opened a PPE, disinfecting and sanitisation division within our company. We would like to do our part in keeping you safe.


We make use of Suredis VT1: a high-performance, terminal disinfectant formulated with a biocidal amine as the active ingredient for the effective control of viruses, including COVID-19. Together with this effective product, we use the correct PPE and fogging equipment. Disinfect and sanitise your workspace:

* Office
* Warehouse / factory
* Workshop
* Shop
* School

Covid-19 Fogger liquid

Screening & Staff Monitoring:

We bring registered nurses to your premises to measure and record staff’s temperatures. This way you can monitor any spike in fever, indicating possible COVID-19 infection.


Hand Sanitiser & Disinfectant

(75% Alcohol)

* Hand sanitiser, 330ml R59.00 (ex VAT)
* Hand sanitiser, 500ml R70.00 (ex VAT)
* Hand sanitiser, 5 litre R350.00 (ex VAT)
* Disinfectant, 5 litre R110.00 (ex VAT)

Covid-19 Sanitizer


* Re-usable, 3 layers R23.50 each (ex VAT)
* Disposable, 3 layers R18.00 each (ex VAT)

Covid-19 Face Mask

Disposable Gloves & Overshoes

* Overshoes, per pair R16.50 (ex VAT)
* Gloves, per box of 100 gloves R250.00 (ex VAT)

Covid-19 Gloves Overshoes

Face Shields

* With branding R65.30 each (ex VAT)

Covid-19 Face Shield


* R1 299.00 each (ex VAT)

Covid-19 Thermometer

Foot operated hand sanitiser stand

* R850.00 each (ex VAT)

Covid-19 Foot Operated Sanitiser Dispenser Stand

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